Small Claims


Have you been named in a claim or are seeking damages? Berdan Paralegal can represent your interests in Small Claims Court and work towards a fair resolution and if needed take your matter to trial.

There are a several ways to collect your unpaid debt(s). The first step would be to send a demand letter. When a demand letter is sent the debtor will understand that you are serious about pursuing this issue. The second step if the letter isn’t successful would be to file a Plaintiff Claim in Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Court is considered a court of equity, meaning it’s meant to be fair and flexible. The court has its own specific rules but the judgments are enforceable.

There are time limits to bring a lawsuit to Small Claims Court. You will only have two years from the date of “event” to commence a lawsuit.

General fees associated with Small Claims Court:


Filing a plaintiff/defendant claim $102.00
Filing a notice of motion $120.00
Filing a defence $73.00
Issuing a writ of delivery, writ of seizure and sale $64.00
Notice of examination $64.00
Issuing a notice of garnishment $136.00
Fixing of a date for a trial or an assessment $290.00