Professional Legal Services


Berdan Paralegal Services represents clients in all aspects of Small Claims Court, and Contract Disputes that fall within our scope of practice throughout Central Ontario.

Dedicated to providing highly supportive service and finding the most ideal legal solutions, clients can have the confidence that they’re getting the best possible outcome to their legal issues.

In order to deliver strong legal representation and highly cost-effective paralegal services, best practices are strongly valued and emphasized. This includes the early reporting of information and ensuring that clients receive a very clear understanding of their legal options thus enabling them to make highly informed case management decisions.

The success of clients as well as the value provided to them is what makes Berdan Paralegal so successful. Services are streamlined in order to offer outstanding value, convenience and prompt resolutions.

Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, e & o Insured



Berdan Paralegal Services is happy to announce that we are going into our 9th year of business. We thank you for trusting in us at Berdan Paralegal Services, the loyalty from our clients has fueled continued growth, making it possible for our success.